Looking for veterinary services in Fort Payne?

We are happy to answer any questions if your pet is scheduled for surgery or if you are considering surgery for your pet. Walk-in Monday-Friday. Boarding, surgeries (laser therapy), grooming.


We are proud to be able to perform routine and emergency surgery. From a spay or neuter to advanced, life-saving procedures, you can trust that your pet is in good hands.


Laser Surgery speeds the healing process and reduces the pain they experience after surgery.


We provide Respiratory Monitoring and stay with your pet until they are completely awake after their procedure.


We are proud to offer cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy is a treatment for a wide variety of conditions, from arthritis and ear infections to snake bites and wounds. The cold laser works to stimulate the cells to regenerate and can destroy bacteria to speed healing. Feel free to call with questions or stop by and see how your pet could benefit from Cold Laser therapy.


From small to large, we are able to give them a “home away from home”. We have a large boarding facility and are able to accommodate your pets regardless of size or number.

We invite you to stop by and let us show you around our facility.


We have two groomers available by appointment. Specializing in small breed dogs, our groomers come to us with a combined 30 plus years experience. Give us a call for an appointment.


From “morning breath” to heart disease, dirty teeth can cause numerous health problems. It is important to keep your pet’s teeth clean to help reduce the possibility of dental disease which can lead to serious health conditions. Please call us with any questions you might have about keeping your pet’s smile healthy.


Ultrasonography (also called ultrasound or sonography) is a noninvasive, pain-free procedure that uses sound waves to examine a pet’s internal organs and other structures inside the body. It can be used to evaluate the animal’s heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, and bladder; to detect fluid, cysts, tumors, or abscesses; and to confirm pregnancy or monitor an ongoing pregnancy.